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Startup creates treasure boxes to improve health with natural, sensuous novelties

Startup creates treasure boxes to improve health with natural, sensuous novelties

Atlanta, Ga. — June 23, 2021 — An expert healer is focusing on helping survivors reignite their sensuality after trauma is rolling out a new product through her Black woman-owned business.



Entrepreneur, author, and blogger America Morris helps people heal from trauma and enjoy intimacy through her company, Planet Nooky. She is now preparing to launch “Nooky Treasures,” a new surprise gift sac geared toward helping people heal from carnal abuse and trauma.




Planet Nooky sacs are filled with a mix of items curated to promote healing and wellness and sent directly to consumers. Each sac will include a unique blend of all-natural, handmade items, such as love energy necklaces, women’s and men’s reproductive health teas, and other adult novelties, as well as bath and body products like aphrodisiac bath bombs, erotic massage oil, and aphrodisiac sugar scrub. All are crafted with essential oils that have been used for hundreds of years and proven through time.



Morris said the goal is to help people who suffer from PTSD, depression, and anxiety due to different types of trauma explore intimacy in safe, fun, and educational ways. A level 1 and 2 certified abuse recovery coach (CARC) who built her brand on her personal life experiences, Morris wants to help as many people as possible work through the stages of the trauma recovery process.



“PTSD is scary and lonely, and those who suffer need as many safe and healthy interactions as possible,” she said. “We need more than one outlet to recover as they restore a sense of safety and empowerment.”



Morris aims to build a recovery hub for people searching for healing through referrals, products, and information backed by science, research, and first-hand experiences.



“Our goal is to journey with our community members in a long-term relationship that will provide resources throughout the specific trauma recovery process,” Morris said. “We don’t intend to replace therapies already in place. Instead, we hope to align with any treatments you may or not be receiving currently. Of course, if you’re looking to enhance or experience pleasure, we help with that, too.”



In addition to rolling out Nooky Treasures, Planet Nooky is also developing a self-care app that is
now available for Android now and will be released for Apple devices soon.



Learn more about Planet Nooky at https://planetnooky.com. Follow Planet Nooky on Instagram at @planet_nooky.

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