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Meet New Orleans Author Johanna Sparrow

Meet New Orleans Author Johanna Sparrow

Johanna Sparrow is a jack of all trades. Sparrow, a New Orleans native, has made it her mission to help others no matter what title she holds.
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In 2018 Johanna Sparrow released several relationship self-help books, entitled, Dismissive Avoidant in Love, Fearful Avoidant in Love, and the Sabotage series. In 2020 Johanna Sparrow released and launched various children’s book series, entitled Little Miss Maple, B. J. Breeze Benjamin, and the recent release Reggie the Jazz Kat. Johanna Sparrow will be releasing her new memoir in 2021 entitled, The Best Me Ever.
In 2014, Johanna Sparrow released her first self-help book, which dealt with relational aggression in bullying, gossip, and lies. It’s entitled, Don’t Tell the Milkman if You Don’t Want Him to Tell the World. Sparrow released two more self-help books that detailed conflicts that affect people’s sex lives and commitment phobias during the same year. The titles of those books are The Elephant in the Bed and Sabotage. Johanna Sparrow’s self-help books focus on relationships from a male–female perspective. Since 2014, she’s released a memoir, three novellas, and twenty-four self-help books.
Please be sure to visit her website at www.johannasparrow.com
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