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Aqua Vibes & Classic Blue

Aqua Vibes & Classic Blue

Pantone Color of the Year 2020 is officially Classic Blue. It always reminds us of summer and the beach. The pool is blue, the sea appears in numerous shades of blue and the sky above us also shines in azure blue. Why not visit Cote d’Azur and immerse in the wonderful blue sight? Reason enough to come up with a refreshing, aquatone inspired makeup look.

But how does blue eye shadow actually look like? Blue eye shadow suits everyone, it’s just a question of interpretation, the overall look, the color type and nuance, the occasion and the application technique, because that determines the intensity and expression of the makeup.

Properly applied and styled, everyone can wear blue on their face and lids. Depending on the shade and intensity, the color matches certain eye colors even better than others. Aqua tones particularly match well with brown and gray eyes. Blue eyes are accentuated beautifully with the complementary color, e.g. orange eye shadow. If you have green eyes by nature, purple colors are more suitable. In addition to the eye color, the skin type should also be taken into account when choosing the right shade of blue: Pale skin types tend to go with the light tones, darker skin tones also represent the more daring deeper blue, like the 2020 Classic Blue.

For a bright blue eye make-up, apply a primer base to the entire lid to the brow with a neutral nude shade and, depending on the occasion, either give a neutral shade of brown or a darker blue to the outer area of ​​the crease and blend gently. Strengthen the upper lash line with blue kohl pencil and then blue mascara as a finish touch.

The blush color should also go well with blue eye shadows – peachy, nude, rosy tones that complement the aqua tones and bring down the look a little bit, depending on the occasion.

Blue nail polish? It’s a NO for some, but a go-to for many! For example, a subtle shade of pastel blue or a light ice blue is suitable for the office. In addition, lighter, blue nail polish looks very summery and matches the holiday feeling.


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