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From Drug-Dealing Gang Member to PhD: Meet Victor Coleman, Jr.

From Drug-Dealing Gang Member to PhD: Meet Victor Coleman, Jr.

Ohio Man Inspires Through Life Story


It’s not how you start. It’s how you finish that matters. Victor Coleman, Jr. mentors youth by sharing his life experiences with full transparency. Growing up, he battled with depression and low self-esteem. He was told he’d never learn how to read, and he’d be dead or in jail by 21. Now, he’s a published researcher.


His rebellion as a child led to multiple arrests, going all the way back to first grade, and continued throughout high school. He lived a chaotic life – fighting, selling drugs, and had even stolen his parents’ car. In 2008, Victor decided to make a change as he found solace in his children. He began leading by example and had accepted accountability for his actions.


Over the next ten years, Victor would graduate with his Bachelors’s, Masters and ultimately, Ph.D. “I hope others will find inspiration in my struggles that have led to victory,” said Victor.


In 2010, Victor founded the V.J. Coleman Jr. Flight School – an organization that trains individuals to transform the way they think, and to reach their highest potential regardless of their circumstances.


As a motivational speaker, Victor has spread messages of diversity and inclusion, leadership development, personal branding, and overcoming adversity to Toledo and Detroit Public Schools, Ohio State University MansfieldUniversity of Toledo, corporations, and churches.


To eradicate socioeconomic barriers and spread unity, Victor launched Brutha 2 Brother. An annual man’s conference and retreat, whose mission is to build, restore, and maintain both manhood and brotherhood.


Victor has also organized community events like Hydrate the Homeless, a donation drive to distribute cases of bottled water to homeless shelters during heat advisories, and One Community Clean, a neighborhood cleanup initiative.


Victor has proven that he is not his past, and others like him, can change, but they must embrace it. He wants those who seek greatness to place themselves on the tarmac of life, so they can depart on a transformational journey of healing from the inside out.


To book Victor for your next event, e-mail 221548@email4pr.com or visit his Facebook page, Victor J. Coleman Jr., Ph.D.


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