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5 Black Women in Tech the World Can’t Ignore

5 Black Women in Tech the World Can’t Ignore

There is something about Black women that makes it impossible for you to ignore them. They walk with confidence, talk with boldness, and command authority in every aspect of life.  According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, 70% of men lead the tech industry. But women are beginning to break that stereotype by headlining in the tech industry. The best part is, Black women are thriving in the male-dominated sector as well.

Here are five Black women in tech that the world is having a hard time trying to ignore.


Ursula Burns


Ursula Burns is the CEO and the Executive Chairman of VEON. As former CEO of XEROX, Burns held different positions, to include, vice president of global manufacturing and corporate strategic services. She retired from XEROX in 2016, but not before spearheading the process, which moved XEROX from a company based on copy and printing to a company based on technology and enterprise. She is currently serving on the board of different companies, some of which include Uber, American Express, and Nestle. In 2014, Forbes ranked Burns the 22nd Most Powerful Woman in the World.


(Photo by Paul Morigi/Getty Images for FORTUNE)

Camille Hearst


Camille worked at Google and Apple for an extensive period. While she was working for these two tech companies, she raised a massive sum of $2.5million to create KIT. KIT was an online community where creatives could share ideas and innovations. She eventually sold KIT to Patreon, yet another platform for where creatives could meet. She is currently the head of product at Patreon.

Camille Hearst, founder of product discovery platform Kit, which allows users to recommend their favorite items to social communities. Photo c/o Kit.

Camille Hearst, founder of creative platform KIT Photo c/o Kit

Saron Yitbarek


Saron is a software developer at Microsoft who handles the Tech Job Academy program. Yitbarek founded a platform called CodeNewbie, a community for people to learn how to code from scratch. She also hosts Command Line Heroes, the Red Hat podcast.



Ethiopian native Saron Yitbarek, the founder of CodeNewbie. Photo via Twitter

Ethiopian native Saron Yitbarek, the founder of CodeNewbie. Photo via Twitter

Aisha Bowe


According to her website, Aisha Bowe stated that if she would’ve listened to her guidance counselor’s advice, she would be a cosmetologist… Bowe is an aerospace engineer who has contributed to the success at NASA Ames Research Center. She is the founder and CEO of the STEM board, a tech company dedicated to creating solutions to government tech problems. “As CEO, Aisha leads the development, expansion, and management of STEMBoard’s multi-million defense-contracts and private sector clients.” In 2019, she was honored by the National Society of Black Physicists.



Aishabowe front.jpg

Aisha Bowe, founder of STEMboard. Photo via Wikipedia

Valerie Thomas


Valerie has her name written in history as the inventor of the illusion transmitter. It’s still in use to this day as scientists are looking for ways to integrate it into modern technology and medicine. She was the chief of NASA Space Science Data Operations. Thomas also led the LACIE (Large Area Crop Inventory Experiment), a team that established the possibility to use space technology to predict the yield of the wheat crop.


NASA photo of data scientist Valerie L. Thomas


Technology is the future of the world and, amazingly, women, and not just women, but Black women are taking giant strides, leaving the world in awe.  It is impossible to mention some tremendous technological milestones in the world without mentioning black women who have made these movements possible.



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