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Trap Yoga Bae is Changing Lives of Women Across the Country

Trap Yoga Bae is Changing Lives of Women Across the Country

For our yoga lovers, have you ever tried doing trap yoga? We bet you haven’t! Britteny Floyd-Mayo, founder of Trap Yoga Bae, a yoga program that incorporates yoga with trap music, can change that! Britteny launched trap yoga bae to help women on their spiritual and wellness journey. The Oakland, CA native, is a certified Vinyasa Yoga instructor, an entrepreneur, and in her own words, a ‘Twerk Aficionado.’


Floyd-Mayo works closely with business partner DJ TrueStarr, the COO of Trap Yoga Bae, to help add sauce and rhythm to lit sessions!


What is a typical Trap Yoga Bae session?


According to their website, a trap yoga bae session is a vinyasa style yoga experience. A typical session aims to incorporate basic yoga with the hypnotic rhythms and heavy bars of trap music. Trap yoga bae sessions starts with the DJ serenading the audience with music, and then Floyd-Mayo starts her 45 minutes yoga set. The audience gets to stretch, twerk, and do some yoga.


During the set, Britteny also makes the women present and recite life-changing affirmations. The affirmations are called ‘Signature Ratchet Affirmations.  ‘I am a priority in my beautiful ass life,’ “No, you can’t expect shit to get easier,” are examples of the iconic affirmations coined by her.


Outside of sessions, Floyd-Mayo shares workout videos online with her trap tribe. For a monthly fee of $5, tribe members get online access to a private blog, free affirmations, study yoga, and explore ratchet meditation.


Britteny also hosts frequent tours and pop-up events in major cities across America. She has collaborated and worked with notable musicians like Erykah Badu, and brands such as Essence and Curvy, Curly, Conscious. Refinery 29, Ebony, The Root, and Rolling Out are all popular magazines that featured the internet sensation.


If interested in trying out yoga for the first time, meeting other women, reducing stress and anxiety, getting your mind and body right, then head over to the Itsyogabae.com website today! You can also follow @trapyogabae on Instagram to find out their next tour date and keep up with all of their activities.

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Chelse Brown is the founder and editor-in-chief of Chatting With Chelse.

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