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5 Must-have Brushes for Beginner MUA’s

5 Must-have Brushes for Beginner MUA’s

There are so many types of brushes and different techniques for makeup application.

The fixer


It’s not a brush but it’s a life savior and an absolute must have as of recent years! Our personal favorite way to apply foundation and concealer is with a sponge or a beauty blender, slightly damp with a fixing spray to spread the product smoothly and naturally on the face. Instant airbrushed effect!


assorted-color makeup brush on white surface

The eye topper


This one is essential to pick product and simply apply on the eyelid – it is a must-have eye-shadow brush that every beginner makeup enthusiast needs to have in their collection.

Chanel makeup set

The blender


The blending brush is really important because it complements the eye shadow brush by finishing off the eye look and blending the color so that no hard edges are visible. It’s all about the smooth look!

The fan


The fan brush is actually quite versatile – you can use it with the purpose to apply highlight, contour or bronzer. That’s why it makes our list of top 5 must-have brushes beginner MUA’s gotta get!


women's face brushes

The compact


This is a more or less selective brush but we argue that the powder brush is quite important! It finishes off the face makeup by applying compact or translucent powder, or could even double up as a blush brush to apply a bit of rouge on the cheeks.

Text: beautypress.com

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