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It’s National Nail Polish Day: Check Out These Bombs Nail Techs Nailing It to the Game!

It’s National Nail Polish Day: Check Out These Bombs Nail Techs Nailing It to the Game!

Happy National Nail Polish Day! A national day just in time for fresh, colorful pedicures and manicures for the summer. On June 1, #NNPL provides every hue, color, the shade of every nail polish created.



“From the French manicure to elaborate nail art, nail polish has come a long way since the bees’ wax and gum Arabic used by the Chinese around 3,000 B.C. National Nail Polish Day celebrates these durable lacquers and gels that last longer and provide variety.



No longer the status symbol it once was, nail color now changes with the seasons, our styles and our moods. There is a shade or hue for every occasion. Vibrant reds, turquoise, and plum make summer nails shine during beach parties and weekend barbecues. The understated style of pale pinks and beiges or a subtle moss help us look workweek chic. For those elegant evenings or when we want to make a statement, nail polish adds gold, silver, and sparkle to even the most economic wardrobe.”



The nail-luxury brand Essie founded National Nail Polish Day in 2017 to glorify the “start of the nail-care season when everyone will be showing off their” freshly coated nails!


Life is to short to be wearing dull nail polish, so nail technicians are taking it up a notch with their creative decorated designs! Check them out:





I’m a nail tech, makeup artist, and the owner of Kissed & Klawed Beauty Studio in Atlanta. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook at @kissedandklawed





I’m a 24-year-old nail technician located in Houston, Texas. Doing nails relieves stress for me & helps me be more creative!




I’m a young aspiring nail tech who is accepting appointments daily. I specialize in acrylic nail enhancements but also work on natural nails. You can contact me via Instagram @adorndeenails!


I’m a Houston, Texas self-taught nail tech who has only been doing nails for one month. I graduated from cosmetology school in 2015 but decided to begin my nail journey in May 2019. I’m currently working on perfecting my crafting. Stay tuned at IG: @_liljaymarieee and Twitter: liljaymariee_ 




Bridgette (Bee) Campbell has over 20 years of industry experience.  She is one of Atlanta’s most sought after nail pros that has carved an industry niche for herself and her nail boutique as the Home of the “NO POLISH ZONE.”

5. @Chanailaffect

I’m a 17-year-old nail tech from Jackson, Mississippi, who has an effect on everybody nails!  


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