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Amanda Seales: Smart, Funny, and Black

Amanda Seales: Smart, Funny, and Black

Amanda Seales has been making strides for some time now. Best known publicly as MTV2 Sucker Free Count Down video jockey. Before working as a VJ host, Seales was acting in small roles such as ‘Katy’ in 1993 featured film Cop and a Half and featured on Nickelodeon sitcom My Brother and Me in 1994.



Things took an unfortunate turn when a misunderstanding occurred during an interview with legendary rap artist, Jay- Z. Seales mentioned that she happened to have an album on hand, and Jay-Z offered to sign it. Later, Seales received an email from management discouraging the interaction. What Seales felt would cause no harm (honesty most people would agree with Seales), ultimately cost Seales her job.

Seales elaborates on having multiple talents; acting, hosting, radio personality, commentator, and vocalist. Seales still felt frustrated that she had yet to find a home for her passion. Seales used laughter to bypass the stress of working in such a cut-throat industry. She took charge with inevitable change.


First, the Amanda Diva we all were introduced to had to go. “I turned thirty, and it just felt stupid.” Growth and change possess a connection that spoke a gifted harmony. It was no secret that Seales had the skill as a vocalist. The chance to reach a new audience soon presented itself with friend and peer, Angela Yee. The Breakfast Club commentator recommended Seales to replace Natalie Stewart of the music group known as Floetry. The split of the original members was not publicized, so fans were confused by the replacement. Seales did not have the best experience while on tour with Marsha Ambrosius.


There were many shows where the crowd booed at Seales due to the perplexing split of the original members. Seales did not feel that Ambrosius supported her joining the group and was more focused on pursuing her solo career, which did eventually become a reality. On a positive note, Seales was grateful to have worked with such a talented artist and to have learned from her as well.
Soon it was clear to Seales that she was ready to leave New York and head to California.


A producer by the name of Shaunie at BET changed Seales life by picking up her web series for a year in support of her moving cross country. Soon things began to look up for Seales having a much steadier career.

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Today you can catch Seales every week on several platforms. The most known method to see this shining star would be on the hit show we all can’t get enough of Insecure, created by Issa Rae.


The transformation is real. Some may not even recognize Seales. Seales plays the bougie friend we all love/hate but, mostly love. The AKA sister to Issa’s best friend, Molly. The one with the painfully perfect marriage, yes, that is Amanda Seales.

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Keep in mind, with Seales degree in African-American studies, she offers needed controversial comments for the culture. Seales represents her very own authentic self. Although this has caused some push-back at the beginning of her career, in the long run, she has flourished. Keep up with this refreshing spirit digital via Smart, Funny, and Black on YouTube.

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