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Let’s Keep it Real: Here Are 3 Reasons Why Friendships With Your Ex Won’t Work

Let’s Keep it Real: Here Are 3 Reasons Why Friendships With Your Ex Won’t Work

Whether they were the one that got away or the one you couldn’t wait to get away from, everyone has an ex. Ex’s are a part of dating and figuring out what you like. And unfortunately, once the relationship is over, IT’S OVER! Want to know why? Check out these top 3 reasons why friendships with your exes will never work.



No Sparks



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They’re an ex for a reason. Sometimes people don’t click, and the spark is gone forever. And that’s ok! When that happens, a relationship has to end. When your ex is consistently trying to get you back, then that’s a huge sign that you guys can’t be “just friends.” Being friends with someone who wants to be in a romantic relationship with you can make it harder to move on. Let your ex go for their good, and allow them to heal and find a connection with someone else.



Never in the Friend-zone




You guys know how it starts, see a guy, and you think he’s attractive. You automatically get butterflies in your stomach, and a week after sending your first “Heyy” text you’re in a full-blown relationship. Exes, who were never in the friendship zone, should never be in the friend zone. If you never saw that person as just a regular friend before the relationship, then how are you going to see them that way afterward? You may still love your ex and find that it’s hard to let them go. But if you want to move on, don’t put them in the friend zone.



Ugly Break Up




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If your relationship ended on bad terms, then I think it’s pretty easy to determine that being friends is not going to happen. If one of both parties were upset and angry after the break-up, then being friends is off the table. You can’t be friends with someone you don’t even like to why force it? You may feel a need to stay connected with your ex, but trust me if it’s meant to be it will happen.

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