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MVEMNT: A Curated Lifestyle App for Black Millenials Has Officially Launched and On A Mission to Showcase 1,000 Black Businesses

MVEMNT: A Curated Lifestyle App for Black Millenials Has Officially Launched and On A Mission to Showcase 1,000 Black Businesses

Washington, DC – May 13, 2019 – Seven months ago, serial Entrepreneur Anwaa Kong went LIVE on his latest venture MVEMNT. This was a grassroots effort introducing his immediate network to the new app he had designed with the Black Millenial in mind. With over 2500 downloads and counting, a goal of 10,000 downloads in 2019 and on a mission to showcase 1,000 Black Businesses, MVEMNT is destined to become the new go-to app for Black Millenials and beyond to find original curated content. MVEMNT is National app, but currently showcases events located in Washington, DC, Baltimore, Atlanta, Houston, Charlotte, and New York City. In addition, individuals are able to locate local black businesses, original content, visit the Podcast hub, participate in the chat feature with other MVEMNT users and in the future will be able to search for job postings on the job board.



Since the soft launch seven months ago, MVEMNT created the Inaugural MVEMNT Forty Under 40 which featured game changers based in the Washington, DC area and in the future additional cities will be added as well. One of the faithful users of MVEMNT had this to share on Social Media “This is the first time I can think of an app geared towards Black Millenials that has actually come through of terms of content, the relevance of curated events/business and design. I love that is also has a social networking aspect and features podcasts and articles. It’s a really great all around social lifestyle app for young Black Professionals”. -@brownsugardc



Founder Anwaa Kong states “I believe in ownership and generational wealth, however for us to accomplish those goals we must keep the dollar in the Black community longer than six hours. I also realized that Black Millennials are into supporting Black-owned businesses, but we have to make it apart of their lifestyle. That is how I ended up creating MVEMNT. Purposely curating a lifestyle of supporting Black businesses but making it fun at the same time!





MVEMNT is available to download for free on iOS and Android devices by typing in MVEMNT in your search option. In addition, join MVEMNT on social media by following @MVE.MNT and keeping up with all new developments.

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