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Financial Coach Khadijah Tucker Is on a Mission to Be the Face of Black Wealth

Financial Coach Khadijah Tucker Is on a Mission to Be the Face of Black Wealth

26-year-old, Khadijah Tucker, a financial advisor, is on a mission to teach individuals to break financial chains and generation economic curses. “As a professional, my goal is to be the face of black wealth; I want every young girl to know, ‘If I can do it, so can she.'” The Army veteran serves as a Logistics Specialist where she manages funds for multiples companies and creates spending budgets.



Tucker took advantage of her military skills and applied them to the start of her company First Step Finance LLC. “My life hasn’t been the same since,” she said.



First Step Finance helps consumers build, restore and leverage credit. The formerly credit repair company is on the rise of expansion and aims to teach people how to manage finances and “live the life they deserve.” It will be the first sub-company of Khadi Tondra Enterprises where they teach consumers, “Money isn’t the problem.”



When asked why she pursued a career as a financial coach advisor she said, ” It’s my purpose. I like to think God chose me.” Initially a certified credit consultant, Tucker knew financial coaching was her passion. Soon after, she pursued a degree in Family and Consumer Science.



As a millennial herself, she is at the head of her game in personal finances.



Her expert advice to millennial consumers who struggle with credit is first to identify whether they have bad credit or established credit.



If struggling from bad credit, consumers must educate themselves on the importance of credit and fix their finances.”Bad credit is a by-product of inadequate finances,” said Tucker. The same goes to who struggle with not having any credit, educate and know the factors of building your credit scores.


What are some ways millennials should invest their money?



“Investing is a tricky subject. A true investor would tell you to invest what you believe in.” Tucker is investing a lot of her money into mentorship, expert courses, and seminars. “I believe in myself,” she said. Although she is an owner of ROTH IRA, NKE, CRON, CGC and SNP shares, she is mostly invested in building her brand.



Tucker takes her own advice to the steps of financial freedom.”We can’t forget we are all human and the road to financial freedom requires more discipline than money.”



Tucker message to those who wish to pursue a career in financial coaching is that the challenge is rewarding and heavy but, “stay in there.”



For more information, please visit her at www.khadit.com and on Instagram. 

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