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Female Entrepreneur is Changing the Game One Bite at a Time With ‘Kute Little Chef’

Female Entrepreneur is Changing the Game One Bite at a Time With ‘Kute Little Chef’

The way to someone’s heart is through their stomach, and this Florida boss lady chef is making sure of that. Kendira Hamilton, the founder of Kute Little Chef, knows how to throw down in the kitchen! The Le Cordon Bleu graduate is spicing up her dishes with her famous delicious Carribean cuisines and southern flavors style cooking.


Hamilton decided to pursue a career as a chef after graduating from college. She was yet to be satisfied with her then job. “I would hear people always saying, ‘Do something you love doing, and it’ll never feel like you’re working.'”

Sweet Chili Shrimp Fries

The 30-year-old passion for cooking gives her such a great feeling of joy when she watches others enjoy her dishes. She prayed for God to steer her in the right direction, “I prayed on the idea of becoming a chef.”


On a random day, she booked an appointment with Le Cordon Bleu to know more about what programs they offered. After she “fell in love” with the school, she soon graduated and created the start of her empire. Although she doesn’t have a favorite recipe, she enjoys cooking Caribbean dishes the most, “I give my all to every dish.”

She loves the various Carribean flavors, herbs, and seasonings due to her Turks and Caicos Islands heritage.

The chef has endless goals she wishes to accomplish, “I want a seasoning line and cookbook.” The entrepreneur also dreams of opening up restaurants starting in her hometown of Miami, Atlanta, and then New York. She aspires to reach her full potential to be great nonetheless.


It’s not always easy for the lady boss. Her biggest struggle is introducing different dishes to her clients. “People tend to stick to what they know and aren’t fond of trying new things,” she said. She values the feedback she receives and wants her clients to enjoy the food presentation and perfected flavors of her dishes.



Hamilton support system is growing day by day. “I can genuinely say I’m grateful for my support system.”





Her advice to people who want to pursue a career in culinary is if it’s anything a person is passionate about, go for it! “What’s for you will be, stay motivated, grind hard and give your best at all time,” she said.



To stay up-to-date with her delicious recipes, please visit her Instagram @_kutelittlechef.

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