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New York Designer Shanel Campbell is Challenging Diversity for Black Women

New York Designer Shanel Campbell is Challenging Diversity for Black Women

The fashion industry is continuously evolving. For the future of millennials, the fashion community is witnessing the introduction of up-roar designers. Within an era with a lack of diversity and inclusion, the representation of Black women in the industry is advancing. Shanel Campell, a young black female fashion designer, has caught the eye of fashion critics. And she is here to stay.


The 27-year-old graduate of Parsons School of Design became recognizable due to marketing celebrities. Notably, Solange Knowles, the sister of the ultra-famous pop queen Beyonce, wore some of Campbell’s pieces from her Graduate Collection at the 2018 Parsons Benefit Honors. Another celebrity endorsement came from Issa Rae, the American actress, writer, director and producer who wore a dress that was custom made for her by Campbell for the CFDA Awards in June 2018.




Her recognition has launched her high up the fashion ladder. With her first fashion show back in September 2018, Campbell showed the ability to create clothes that people wanted to wear.


Her mission was to introduce her collection to 18 Black women to center and direct the focus on them. The models presented the show with embellished specific branding by sitting and standing boastfully in different garments. This particular show gave her name a distinctive orientation early in her career. Her idea for running a fashion brand is quite different than expected and what is known to be a fashion rule. For example, her plan is not to have two seasonal collections in one year. Keeping up with a fashion calendar might ruin a fashion house. Instead of rushing designs, she focuses on creating delicate, quality and elaborate collections once a year with affordable pieces.

The fashion industry is always in need of new fresh ideas. Campbell proves that her signature deconstructs and surrealist looks are what fashion is lacking. The call for diversity and demand for more Black women in fashion is making waves through her creations and brings the much-needed change. With the black models, black team and black head of fashion brand it is more than evident that the call for diversity was heard – more black women in fashion.

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