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Singer Somalia Drops New EP “Journey”: STREAM NOW

Singer Somalia Drops New EP “Journey”: STREAM NOW

Somalia just dropped a bomb new EP!


The 22-year-old East Atlanta-based singer debuted her new EP called Journey and, she is letting it all out for her fans.

Somalia Live at Morehouse for Spring Fest

“It’s me surrendering to love, heartbreak, new experiences, and overall my journey,” Somalia shared about her second project. While the Spelman grad was studying abroad in London in 2016, she started, to record her journey.


“It feels good to put out a finished product that represents me as an artist. If you love R&B music with an Aaliyah meets Brandy feel, then you’ll like Journey. I don’t get caught up in what’s “in style” or trends. I just write music that makes my soul feel good.”



She’s Special:

Somalia turned her personal experiences into pure art, with a seductive, jazzy, sexy feel. With live performances of her singing with her in London featured in the EP, Somalia was able to showcase her amazing vocals. Listeners could not only listen but could also feel every inch of emotion and pain poured into the EP.


Somalia had the most trouble writing Shed, because of her open vulnerability. It took a lot of courage, for her to be honest about the way she felt about relationships with people in her life. Writing the song served as a healing mechanism that allowed her to move on. “Life is too short to hold grudges. My music allows me to make peace in difficult situations.”

Singer Somalia

It’s not easy being an independent artist, and it comes with a struggle. Somalia had to overcome many obstacles as an independent artist, by building the right team of individuals who had her best interest. It’s frustrating for the singer to coordinate performances, schedule interviews, send press releases, and conduct band rehearsals, on her own.


She applies her hard work and energy into her musical career like a day job because eventually, she wants it to pay her bills.


“I now use one videographer, and that eliminates the struggle of waiting for event photographers to send over footage.”

She had to learn how to lead and supervise for her career.




Somalia gives some advice for an artist pursuing a music career:



“I’d like to say to anyone who wants to be an artist or has a dream don’t focus on what you don’t have. Don’t wait for someone to tell you that you have a great idea. Be an artist! Create art! Start your business! I focus on striving to be a better person and artist. I set goals for myself based off of what’s the next step of natural progression in my career and let everything else fall into place by itself. Don’t get caught up in the Instagram hype. We’re all people and experience struggle at various levels. The key is to keep going!”


The EP features guest appearances by T.Mason, Azair, Nate Myers, and also Daisy Dooks on her interlude A Flower from Daisy.


The EP includes ten tracks, and it’s available on Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and Amazon music!

Stream Below:



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Twitter: thesomalishow
Facebook: Somalia Ramin
Youtube: Somalia Ramin
Soundcloud: singersomalia
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