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From 8th Grade Kitchentician to Viral Sensation, NeNe Couture is Changing Lives With New Hair Care Line

From 8th Grade Kitchentician to Viral Sensation, NeNe Couture is Changing Lives With New Hair Care Line

Nene Brooks, also known as NeNe Couture, is no stranger to the industry of hair. Brooks is a Master Hair Stylist, foodie lover and founder of Healthy Hair Gang. You might’ve seen Brooks videos of her slaying her client’s hair with the nasty “silk press” go viral on every social media site. She hails from the countryside city of Macon, Georgia and it’s also the root of where her successful career begun. Brooks knew she was destined for greatness when she started doing hair in the 8th grade! “I did my friends, family and even my teacher’s hair,” Brooks said.




She started off as a braider at a local hair salon and worked her way up to do full-time hair at the young age of 15! After graduating high school in 1997, she attended Clark Atlanta University to pursue a career as a Psychiatrist. “I did more hair than studying,” Brooks said after dropping out after 2 1/2 years at the institution. Twenty years later, she still has a personal goal to graduate from CAU. Brooks moved back to Macon where she eventually owned a salon for 12 years. Soon after, she decided to move back to the “A.” After, relocating back to Atlanta, her numbers in clientele dropped.” I drove to and from Atlanta and Macon for four years to build back my customers.” With having such a successful business in Macon, it wasn’t a need for Brooks to have a salon in Atlanta. While traveling back and forth from the two cities, Brooks was still an employee at “2 Groovy”, the first natural hair salon in Atlanta. Brooks needed to make money any means necessary. NeNe Couture soon grew into an empire years later.


Brooks now owns a personal suite in Atlanta. She didn’t have the desire to own a salon after owning one in the past. The hairstylist is comfortable in her intimate setting suite. Brooks believes in giving her clients the  “one-on-one” attention that they deserve. Social media has played a vital role in Brooks clientele. Once her videos go viral, new clientele from the Atlanta area and throughout the U.S. are rushing to sit in her chair. “Social media help developed a stable clientele,” she said.





Brooks is on a mission to not only change more than hair but change lives with her new hair care line Healthy Hair Gang. She wanted a product that changes lives with its ingredients. Founded Jan. 2017, Brooks thought of her product line while simply resting on her couch. “Every woman deserves healthy hair,” Brooks said. After, many of her natural clients were coming to her with dehydrated and dry hair she knew she had to make a difference. With moisture retention being her focus, HHG was created. The process was difficult. The making of the product went through a lot of trial and error. After testing out her products on herself, she was finally satisfied. HHG products are now sold in 2 boutiques in Atlanta and Macon.

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3 Step Hello Moisture System includes HHG Shampoo, HHG Conditioner and Hello Edges Serum visit http://www.thehealthyhairgang.com/SHOP.html for more information.




It’s hasn’t always been easy for the hairstylist. “Being a single mother and entrepreneur is challenging,” Brooks said. Brooks is supported and grounded by the loving care of her 11-year-old son. She is remarkably thankful for her substantial support system. She gives thanks to her parents, son and her best friends. To shop, please visit http://www.thehealthyhairgang.com/SHOP.html

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