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Relationship Red Flags…According to Men

Relationship Red Flags…According to Men

Deal-breakers. Red flags. No-goes. Whatever you call them, we all have our relationship “caution signs” that set off our alarm bells and have us running for the hills. As women we tend to debate for hours the validity of such warnings, looking for ways to excuse them but for men, they have their free no-goes, no way. I talked with a few men and got some interesting responses. Here are the top 10 relationship red flags for men.



Expecting the man always to pay.  For everything, all the time? NO! Split the bill or buy a round from time to time.





Being super forward. We just met. Don’t tell me how you’re going to rock my world in about an hour.





Not being friends with any exes or being good friends with all of them. If not friends, then you hold grudges. Friends with all means you’re a doormat. Either way, it sounds the alarm.


Any diet fad. Unless a doctor has said you need a specific diet, it’s just affectation and an indicator of other nonsense to come.


No ambition. Quick to the bar but slow to the gym? It expresses an attitude towards hard work that says you’re lazy. What if the relationship needs some extra effort down the line? It also screams immaturity.


Voting the opposite political party. Pretty self-explanatory. Means we may differ on some significant life choices.


High maintenance/Not adventurous. Afraid of outside, dirt, bugs? Annoying! Girls think it’s cute to be dainty, but it just shows that you’re still a girl. Men want a woman, not a little girl. Plus it limits the adventures we could have together.





Chronic sarcasm. There’s a difference between sassy and sarcastic. Being a smart-ass is one thing, but constant mocking articulates a cynical worldview, an inherent contempt for the world. Will you only mock the good that happens for us? It’s also a precursor to emotional abuse.




The two most significant red flags that nearly every man I talked to mentioned:



How they treat their pets. It says a lot about your heart. Are you looking all fly while your pet is unwashed and unfed? It’s a huge indicator of selfishness.





Their relationship with their father. If wrong, then she approaches all men as assholes lying in wait. She is always expecting the other shoe to drop. If overbearing, then she expects too much and accepts little responsibility. She’s a princess on a throne awaiting service: either way, its eggshells.

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Chelse Brown is the founder and editor-in-chief of Chatting With Chelse.

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