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3 Signs to Let Go of a Relationship, Friendship, or Situationship

3 Signs to Let Go of a Relationship, Friendship, or Situationship

No matter how long or short a certain relationship, friendship, or situation has been going on there may come a time when you have to let go. It is beyond important to be able to realize when something is unhealthy for you and your life. Here are a few signs indicating that it may be time to let a situation go.



The Smallest Things Become The Biggest


In a relationship, friendship, or any situation you can never expect it to be perfect or always to run smoothly. There will be issues, and there will be disagreements. There starts to be a problem when there is a lack of communication or when arguments escalate to uncontrollable levels. The smallest things can be solved with just a little conversation. When you find yourself arguing, yelling, cursing each other out, and holding grudges over any and every little issue (specifically the simple, small things) that probably means that there is a much larger underlying issue that hasn’t been resolved. If this continues, it is almost impossible for a bond to last and or stay strong.



Seems to Be One-Sided



When a situation or any relationship begins to feel as though it is one-sided, this means that what one person wants is essential. What that one person needs and how they feel are urgent and requires immediate attention. On the other hand, the other person involved may have specific needs, wants, concerns, and feelings that will be ignored looked over, and even belittled. Realize where you and what you bring to the table is valued. Do not be silent, and do not settle just because you may be comfortable with a specific relationship or person. At times people will settle and accept anything to avoid being alone and feeling as though they’ve wasted their time, but if being alone means feeling valued, important, and like you and your feelings matter then that is precisely what you should be.





Losing Sight of Your Own Goals, Dreams, and Priorities



Any time you find yourself in a situation when a person feels as though they are more important than your goals, dreams, priorities, morals, and values that person cannot be too healthy for you. You should long for a person and or friend that adds value and encouragement to those such things. There’s no better feeling than having someone with their grind while supporting and doing anything to help yours. Some people have no ambition and they moment you find and commit to yours they’ll aim to come before that and make you feel bad or guilty when they don’t. People always refer to relationships as “finding their equal.” If someone wants to come before the very things that are helping you grow and elevate as a person, they can’t be that “equal” you need.

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