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What to Expect When Dating a Strong Black Woman

What to Expect When Dating a Strong Black Woman

Have this at the back of your mind. I didn’t write this content to emphasize on the “strong Black woman” typecast. I wrote this article to show the negative impact this typecast brings to Black relationships. The strong Black woman I mean in this content does not fit into any typecast. She isn’t cold, angry, or intolerant. She is not overly independent to the extent that life becomes tough for both herself and people around her. She does not aspire to take up the duties and responsibilities of a man. She wants to find love and happiness and is keen to build her relationship with a life partner.  And truthfully, a strong Black woman is important to mankind existence. The following are useful tips on how to love a strong Black woman.


1.    Understand that she’ll need to do some things by herself



A strong Black woman doesn’t take pleasure in stressing others. They don’t want their mates/partner to hurry in carrying out their every need. Being independent is one of the fundamental natures of a strong Black woman. Therefore, you have to be comfortable with letting her accomplish some things by herself. She will be more defenseless with you if you can only allow her to express her divine strength.


2.    Realize that you must support her career, passion and purpose



The bricks that build up a strong Black woman is her self-believe and ability to set personal goals and achieve them. She doesn’t look for excuses and she makes difficult challenges look easy. However, she isn’t an extraordinary being. She possesses the same fears, tensions, worries and concerns as everyone else. If you intend to start a relationship with a strong Black woman, be a source of motivation and inspiration throughout her journey to find her better self. A supportive, genuine, loving partner is all she needs.


3.    Sensuality is important




If you are considering dating a strong Black woman, understand that she’s a sensual, fragile creature. The toughness she shows the outside world will shed away easily when she’s with the right partner. Know that while she’s indeed a tough woman, she can be meek and fragile as well. Love her completely and be comfortable with her style. Every woman, at some point wants to be free to surrender and be submissive to her partner to an extent, regardless of how powerful she may be.


4.    Don’t forget to tell the truth at all times



Your relationship with a strong Black woman must not be built on lies. They are highly intelligent and quick-witted beings, therefore it is pretty difficult to deceive or lie to them. Help yourself by being as honest as possible about your plans and intentions. Strong Black women cherish those who offer them the liberty to make their choice, and being honest will increase your chances. However, their decisions may not always favor you, but one sure thing is that you’ll get their respect.


5.    Don’t present yourself as inferior to her


Presenting yourself as a doormat will only reduce your chances. You have to match her strength. For you to achieve a positive, successful relationship with a strong Black woman, you have to be equal with her. She doesn’t want an authoritarian or a partner that completely consents with all she offers.


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Chelse Brown is the founder and editor-in-chief of Chatting With Chelse.

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