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Tara Seals of Bossy is Bossy Does: How to Generate 5K in 30 days Tells All

Tara Seals of Bossy is Bossy Does: How to Generate 5K in 30 days Tells All

Meet Tara Seals, the female entrepreneur who is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to generate multiple streams of income in her new book Bossy Is as Bossy Does: How to Generate 5K in 30 days.

The Memphis native is not just an author, but she is the successful business owner of the Body Decor Boutique in Atlanta, Ga. With obtaining three degrees before age 25, including one Master of Arts in Education, emphasizing in Secondary Education and Special Needs, it’s safe for her to hold the title as the “Bossy Educator.”


We spoke to Seals about what inspired her entrepreneurial journey and her plans.


How did you get your idea or concept for your business?

My granny passed in 2010 and I was devastated, furthermore, severely depressed. She was a staple client at local boutiques, and I loved shopping with her! She influenced the fashion culture, always receiving invitations to upscale events. Everyone was anxious to see what Ida Mae was wearing and to know the designer of her outfits.

At the age of 12, I was selected to be a member of the Goldsmith’s Teen Board in my hometown. I modeled the latest fashion on the runway during our monthly fashion shows and, styled the mannequins inside the store. I always had a passion for fashion and, when she passed, I wanted to carry on that legacy.


How do you advertise your business?


I advertise my business via hosting events, social media, sponsoring events, influencers, etc.


To what do you attribute your success?


I attribute my success to seeing a successful entrepreneur in action daily, my grandfather. He takes care of his family and endures the daily ins and outs of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship has its ups and downs; Sometimes you laugh, scream, cry and enjoy the ride.


What is unique about Body Decor Boutique?


What sets us apart from others is that we go above and beyond for our clients to receive perfect products and services. We pride ourselves on doing an outstanding job in every area of the business and, give back to the community through our annual initiatives, support other businesses and build long-lasting relationships with our clients.


We are known for our creative and culturally soulful custom earrings, tees, and distressed denim. Body Decor Boutique offers all sizes for women, men, and children. In addition to our products, we offer a menu of services that includes wardrobe styling, personal shopping, closet transformation, wholesale, and custom apparel & design consulting.

You wear many hats, so which role is the most stressful?


Human resources can be the most stressful hat to wear. Unfortunately, others do not have a work ethic that matches mine and, understand that a team must be in sync to meet the outlined goals. I am a stern but a fair leader that believes in accountability and dealing with problems head-on. Most of my team has been with me for five years and counting, so this is an amazing time for the company.


Explain your book Bossy Is as Bossy Does: How to Generate 5k in 30 Days.


Bossy Is as Bossy Does: How to Generate 5K in 30 days was written to teach entrepreneurs creative approaches that will lead them to new streams of income using their current resources, abilities, and skills. A portion of proceeds will be donated to benefit youth initiatives for girls and boys in the areas of Entrepreneurship, STEM Education, Reading, Exploration, Social Emotional Learning, and Self-Awareness in addition to the Bossy Is as Bossy Does Scholarship.

How can people get in touch with you?


Books: bit.ly/TSealsBooks


Scholarship: BossyIsAsBossyDoes.com


Boutique: BodyDecorBoutique.com


Boutique’s IG: @BodyDecorBoutique1


Classes & Workshops: TheBossyEducator.com


Classes & Workshops IG: @TheBossyEducator


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