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Press Play: Zoey Clarke Talks New Single “REWIND”

Press Play: Zoey Clarke Talks New Single “REWIND”

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – “The super edgy & creative soul “Zoey Clarke” is back with another thought provoking ballad “Rewind”. Zoey highlights the thought of being able to go back into your most promising relationship after everything went left and being able to make a different decision moving forward. Coming off of the high energy EP “Creative Juices”, produced by the world famous “DJ Scream”, “Rewind’ is a nice change of pace for Zoey.  Rewind was produced by OPG Toro and released by First Born Music and Entertainment LLC.”



  1. What’s the inspiration behind your new track “rewind”?


“Rewind” was inspired by regret. The record is about wishing you could go back in time and do things different with someone you love.


Zoey Clarke

2. Who’s responsible for the video concept?


Both my manager and the director are responsible for the video concept. I was 6 months pregnant, so the goal was for me to be comfortable ha-ha.


3. Are you actively involved in your creative process when creating video themes and story lines?

I’m extremely hands-on with all areas of my career. Visuals are especially something I always want to be involved in because it tells the story of my music.


4. How has it been becoming a first-time mother and then getting right back to work in the studio?


I wouldn’t have it any other way. I push through no matter what is going on. So, with music, I just had to push through when my son came. No excuses. I jumped right back into work. He inspires me, and I love watching him enjoy the music.


5. Did becoming a mother adds an additional layer to your music?


Totally! I have so much to say now that I’m in this new phase of my life, and I just want to be completely authentic with my followers. I want to let them know all the emotions I’ve been feeling good and bad that come with making the choice to have a kid.


6. What do you want our readers to take away from this song?



I want people to know that it’s okay to wish things could have been different. We grow from reminiscing sometimes but ultimately, we must move forward and take lessons learned in better situations.


7. What inspires you to keep going?


Of course, my beautiful baby boy. He has such good energy and he’s always laughing out loud. I aspire to be as positive as he is and give him everything he could want.


“Rewind” is available on all music platforms and featured on singersroom.com and soul-addict.com.



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