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Pheora Rucci, London Cosmetic Brand Launches 60 Shades of Foundation

Pheora Rucci, London Cosmetic Brand Launches 60 Shades of Foundation

Pheora Rucci is a London-based upcoming beauty brand whose mission is to revolutionize the beauty industry through innovation and higher product range. The brand is introducing an astounding 60 shades of foundation to market on Kickstarter.

“At Pheora Rucci, beauty is universal, and we celebrate its diversity.” – Pheora Rucci


During its Kickstarter campaign, the brand will make all 60 shades of foundation! To include three mink false eyelash styles, eight lipstick shades, and one makeup palette available to pre-order. Supporting Pheora Rucci’s campaign gives customers an opportunity to premium quality beauty products at highly discounted prices. At retail value, product price range between US$16 (£12.30) to $74 (£57).


“Pheora Rucci is launching 60 shades of foundation to celebrate women and makeup lovers of all skin tones and nationalities.” – Pheora, Founder



Supporters can pledge as little as US$5 (£4), and each pledge category has a reward. Rewards for pledges of US$200 (£157) will have an engraving of their names (or company name) on the “Pheora Rucci MVP Squad” metal plaque.  It’s to hang in its London office, in addition to mentioning in our “MVP Squad” page of the brand’s website.



Pheora Rucci also offers an exclusive opportunity for three backers who spend US$5,000 (£3,920), to an all-inclusive (hotel, air, local transport) 5-night trip to London where they will individually meet with the Pheora Rucci Team over drinks, dinner, and a guided tour of London by the founder.


Founder, Pheora

Pheora Rucci’s long-wear, high coverage foundation is designed to consider different skin undertones. The foundation offers a creamy matte, velvety finish and enriches with natural oils. The long-wear semi-liquid matte lipsticks also have a soft finish. A tribute to the oldest desert in the world, the Namib Desert, the eyeshadow palette has 18 shades with a mix of creamy mattes and textured shadows that have soft application and minimal fallout.



Pheora Rucci is the brainchild of Pheora Twama Nambili, a young female from Namibia. Her passion for fashion and beauty, and her fascination with various beauty trends from across the world inspired her to create her brand. Given the current state of the beauty industry, Pheora’s vision is to connect those beauty trends across borders and cultures. Pheora Rucci wants equal representation, not revenge; where anyone can walk into a makeup store and be represented by having the same options as everyone else.



“There should be no reason why one beauty brand cannot serve all women or other lovers of makeup. Growing up, living in Africa, Asia and America, I wanted to shop the same beauty brands that all my friends (from Asia, Europe, and the Americas) were shopping. Most times, I couldn’t. So, I made it my mission to create the brand I envisioned growing up. This is not about one group of people, it’s about bringing a much-needed balance in the beauty industry in action, not just in words; where everyone, black, white or any color in between feel valued and can feel confident in their shades of beauty I aim to prove that one brand can successfully serve all.” – Pheora




Pheora Rucci aims to create a respected world-class cosmetic brand. Its mission is to produce quality innovative beauty products that surpass market trends and that are reflective of the time. It’s mission is to meet the wants and needs of its customer.



“When I started, I knew I had a big dream—bigger than myself. People around me also quickly pointed that out. I know it can be done, but I also know that I cannot do it alone. I’m an optimist, and I truly believe there is power in numbers. So, I decided to talk directly to the people through crowdfunding and make this our journey.” – Pheora



Pheora Rucci launches its full collection of beauty products on its e-commerce site to the public by Fall of 2019. All its product will be available for purchase worldwide.

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