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Business is Booming for 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Learned How to Make Wigs in a Year

Business is Booming for 26-Year-Old Entrepreneur Who Learned How to Make Wigs in a Year

Mercedes Wellington, a 26-year-old entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia, is taking the wig business by storm. She is the successful business owner of The MS Experience, specializing in custom lace closures and frontal wigs.

A year after launching The MS Experience, Wellington made a name for herself, as to becoming one of the hottest wig-makers in the ATL. “I self-taught myself in everything that I know,” Wellington said when asked does she consider herself a professional wig-maker, after only making wigs for a year.

Instagram: @themsexperience

Started From the Bottom, Now We’re Here!



She is no stranger to the hair industry, she has always stepped out of her comfort zone, by changing her hair up, attempting various styles and colors. “I felt that was a way of expressing myself.” Started from the bottom, now we’re here!

Instagram: @themsexperience

Just like other prosperous hair gurus, Wellington too used to buy wigs at the local beauty supply store. “I would get compliments and questions from women, asking if it was a sew-in because I made them look so natural,” she said. If you know, then you know, Synthetic Wigs do not last for long! Eventually, she worked up the inspiration to purchase affordable hair bundles and make her own wigs and has not looked back since!

Wellington was inspired to create a business for ladies who desire to have quality-longevity units, but still cost-efficient. She is all about customer satisfaction and takes her brand very seriously.

Instagram: @themsexperience

Wellington still has more learning to do, but she is always open to learn something new in the beauty industry. “I feel I can expand my brand and business to the next level.”


Settling as a wig-maker is not the end-goal for the entrepreneur. She also wishes to open a storefront, for her beauty empire. “I want clients to be able to come in feeling good and leave out feeling even better, and more confident than ever. Her humanitarian spirit plans to add a hair collection for women suffering from hair loss, alopecia, and cancer. It doesn’t stop there– additionally, she wants to launch a lipstick/lip-gloss and fragrance line. “I want to have my hands dipped in a little bit of everything.”


Wellington’s biggest inspiration is her best friend Lil Mike, who passed away in February of 2017. She always talked to him about building her brand. He gave her advice and they always discussed business goals of their own. Two days before he passed, he let her know how proud he was of her. “He told me that my hands would be worth millions one day.” Like others, Mike was confident in her work, and when he passed she lost passion in building her brand. “I have to make him proud like I said I would.”

Instagram: @22productionco

For everyone who has supported her, whether, it was trusting her to make their units, reposting her work, referring people, she really appreciates it. She loves her family and best friend Nae, for never giving up on her no matter what. Her baby sister is a true trooper, Lexi is always down to let her test out colors and styles on her. She also thanks her ace Adrianna for all her positive advice she always gives. “I can go on and on, but you all know I love you so much!”



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