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From Working in Others’ Suites to Entrepreneur, Spelman Alumna Turns Love for Hair into Glamorous Hair Shop

From Working in Others’ Suites to Entrepreneur, Spelman Alumna Turns Love for Hair into Glamorous Hair Shop

Every woman wants to feel beautiful and confident once they leave the beauty shop. After a day of heavy workloads, numerous business meetings, stressful schedules, and trying to maintain your sanity, it’s nothing like escaping to a beauty parlor to relax and keep a peace of mind. Well, guess what? Taylord Styles Beauty Loft is the newest glamorous beauty parlor on the block! Located in Chamblee, Georgia, a few miles northeast of Atlanta, the luxurious salon is the ultimate one-stop shop.




No need to rush to a nail parlor to get your nails done, you can get serviced before or after your hair appointment! Want to bat your eyelashes at your crush, but you cannot because your cheap mascara doesn’t allow you too? The Loft offers lash extensions services, with a lash tech always on deck. Need your face beat for your birthday, or a girls night out? They offer makeup services anytime with professional makeup artists always available. Customers can also purchase the Taylord Styled Virgin Extensions, top quality hair, at the salon as well.



Modern Blow Dryers

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Taylord Styles Virgin Extensions

The salon even has their own signature cocktail “Glam Juice” and, offer a full complimentary cocktail menu. Girl chat, great vibes, the hottest music playing and getting pampered, is the relaxing energy you can get at the Loft. “We strive to create a homey, inclusive, and fun atmosphere to encourage networking and relaxation. By the time you leave, we’ll all be girlfriends.” The salon owner is always there to make sure her clients are served accordingly and treated with proper care.

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Taylord Styles



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Taylor Deathridge, founder of the Taylord Styles Beauty Loft and Taylord Styled Virgin Extensions, has a passion for empowering women and making women feel like they conquer the world. “I love women empowerment, networking with women, positive vibes and I’m not with the caddy behavior.” After 9 years of doing hair in her parent’s kitchen, college dormitory and salon boutiques, it was clear that she would own her empire one day.


The 26-year-old relocated from Knoxville, TN to Atlanta in 2010, to attend Spelman College, a historically black all-women college, she had dreams of becoming a music journalist, but later maintained a Bachelor’s in Economics. After graduating in 2014, Deathridge sought after cosmetology school to obtain her cosmetology license.



At the age of 5-years-old, she always knew she wanted to become a hairdresser. Despite, being an Honor Roll student and not bringing anything less than a B home; her parents were not fond of her choosing a career as a hairstylist. After presenting a business plan and a strategic vision of what she wanted to create, her parent’s finally jumped on board. Her dad soon became her number 1 business partner.


Eventually, she plans to retire from hair and seek various business ventures. She wishes to open her own restaurant, become a beauty influencer, and own a design company. It gets stressful sometimes for the boss chick, but working under pressure comes quite simple. “A lot of people give up, but I don’t,” she said. She manages and is responsible for 5-7 staff members and handles all of the salon administrative tasks.


Her main goal for the salon is to bring back hospitality, customer service and make each woman feel welcome. “I really like to connect with my clients and my clients become family, I want that “hey girl!” relationship,” she said. Deathdridge legacy is to put people in the position to become something great.

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