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2020 Track and Field Olympic Hopeful Launches Beauty Hair Empire, LumiBloom

2020 Track and Field Olympic Hopeful Launches Beauty Hair Empire, LumiBloom

Are you satisfied with how you feel about your hair? Does your hair bring you happiness? Do your confidence shines within your hair? Mackenzie Hill, the founder of Lumibloom Hair, a hair company that promotes a healthy lifestyle brand, is on a mission to “sell hair that woman would be proud to wear.”



31-year-old Hill from Long Beach, California started her company in 2013, to help women embrace their confidence in and out. A trip overseas to India inspired Hill to provide only the best of high-quality human hair to customers in the states. Hill was fond of the religious practice of Indian women shaving and donating their hair for the greater good. “Our company is a direct connection to the Temples where the hair is gathered.”



LumiBloom Hair



Hill’s funky personality has always shown through her hair extensions. Her creativity allowed her to rock every color in the rainbow! “My hair was purple, pink, emerald, etc. any color, you name it.”



LumiBloom has a wide range of many curly and wave patterns, and also offer lace closures and clip-ins. Hill expanded her virgin hair company with offering teas, vitamins, LumiBloom strength and moisturizing conditioners, shampoo, serums, and sprays. The LumiBloom hair products “are formulated to nourish and enhance a woman’s natural hair as well as revitalize hair extensions.”




“Blood, Sweat and Tears”



“I knew track and field would not last forever.” Before, Hill became the ultimate boss woman, her love for the track was unstoppable. Hill began her career in track at her local high school with a few of her friends. It all started when she and a couple of friends were trying to find something to get into on a hot summer day. “Eventually, all of my friends quit shortly after.”



After high school, she accepted a scholarship to UCLA, where she advanced her career in track and field. Hill didn’t do so well her first couple of meets at the school, but that didn’t stop her competitive spirit. She was destined to reach her fullest potential. Most of her track career she competed in the 400m hurdler event. The end of last year (2017) was Hill’s first full year competing in the 100m hurdler event.



Hill redefines the purpose of “blood, sweat, and tears.” Even on her off-season, she manages her time to train. Hill recalls a time when she was sleeping the night before a race and, she was her hurdling in her sleep. “Training stuff is always on my mind.” As a world-class Track and Field Hurdler and Olympic hopeful for the 2019-2020 Olympic Games, she keeps her body in tip-top shape. Hill spends at least 2 1/2 hours in the weight room strengthening her core and conducting Pilates. Hill recommends getting a good night rest every night.



You would think since Hill’s an athlete and, runs a successful business, she would find time to relax. Nope!, She loves to stay busy. She is currently trying to learn another language like Spanish. Hill also finds enjoyment in speaking to young girls on health and wellness and attending panel workshops.



For more information on Mackenzie Hill and LumiBloom, visit www.LumiBloom.com.

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