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“Hair Kymistry” Creator Turns Love for Braiding into Workshops for Others

“Hair Kymistry” Creator Turns Love for Braiding into Workshops for Others

Kym Williams, the founder of Hair Kymistry, is on a mission to share and teach her passion for hair to the youth. Williams originates from the large industrial city of Gadsden, Alabama. The past four years, Williams has settled down in Cobb County, Georgia with her 5-year-old son, to expand her hair business. Williams started her journey of braiding hair at the tender young age of 12. Now, she master’s in doing braids, installing extensions, dying hair and specializing in silk presses.



Who is Hair Kymistry?



“I always had a passion for hair,” Williams said. When she entered her first cosmetology class in high school, she knew she wanted to become a cosmetologist. According to Queens of Kings LLC Enterprises, Williams fell in love with cosmetology because she aspired to change lives by making her clients feel good inside and out. She overcame many obstacles to obtain her cosmetology license and now to do what she loves is a blessing.



Instead of rocking new hair trends, Williams is still keeping her Tresses braids on lock for her clients. She will more than likely rock various styles of braids until mid-fall. Williams is always booked up for the trendsetter braided and faded hairstyle for men. Ladies can never go wrong with Williams nicely done feed-in braids, so clients are sure to book their appointment asap. Different braiding styles cause for different products. Williams favorites on her clients are Nairobi’s Setting Foam, Design Essential’s Peppermint Aloe Anti-itch Oil, and Eshelon Edge Control. The Eshelon Edge Control is a product produced by her current home salon.




Williams have worked with some reality stars and actors featured on All Eyez On Me, Love and Hip Hop, etc. With her bubbly personality, Williams is a firm believer in great customer service. Her clientele typically ranges from small children to women and men. Williams makes it her duty to respond to her clients at an appropriate time. “I try to respond to anyone that comments, direct message, or text in a professional manner and meet their needs,” she said. “She definitely make it a point to provide great customer service.” It’s important for her to be courteous on and offline (social media and in person), especially interactive since people appreciate her work.



It hasn’t always been easy for the stylist. With caring for her customers so much, she often struggles with finding the balance between work and her personal life. “I always run when a client is in need of an appointment. I am learning to take time for myself; not over-working myself,” she said. Williams battled with “deep depression” at the beginning of her career. She often doubted her success. “Fighting with my mind every day was really hard.”

Her son helped her overcome that battle and she is forever great for him.



Hair Kymistry Lab



In May, Williams worked with Cobb County’s School System; In order to further implement the field of cosmetology to the students. 

Williams is hosting a Hair Kymistry Lab, the second week of July for kids ages 10-18. It teaches the importance of natural hair care, protective styling, and braiding techniques. She wanted to invest into the youth, because as a young person who always want to do hair, she never had any one to show her the right way. “Starting them young will give them a leg up in the industry if they do decide to make it a career like I did,” she says. To sign up, visit Eventbrite or follow @hairkymistry_  on social media and clink on the link in Williams bio.




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