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A Work of Art Inspired This College Student to Start Her Own Fashion Line: Meet the Founder of ‘Deep Routage’

A Work of Art Inspired This College Student to Start Her Own Fashion Line: Meet the Founder of ‘Deep Routage’

Juggling a business, school and a part-time soldier can be difficult. Waynesia Bland, a native of Memphis, TN is making it all happened. A full-time college student, full-time business owner, and part-time soldier has this young entrepreneur hands filled.  Bland company expanded drastically over these few months since the launch of her business. She and I sat down and talked about the expansion of her empire. Check out the Q&A below:


Image result for pink q and ACB: Explain the idea of Deep Routage and when you created the idea.


Deep Routage is a chic/vintage clothing & accessory line that I created this past August. The idea was to offer fashion with a style for every story. I’ve always had a love for fashion and figured it was time to share my creativity with the world.


CB: Who’s a fashion icon that aspires you the most and why?


Kahlana Barfield, hands down.  Not only is she an editor for InStyle magazine but she’s super fly. If I had to show someone what type of clothing I wanted to offer I feel like she’d be the perfect example. Her style is everything that I pride my company on. She’s chic, vintage and most importantly classy. Who else can rock a denim on denim outfit with such grace?!



CB: I always ask my interviewees what’s their biggest fear, so tell me what is your biggest fear?


My biggest fear is not being able to build a team when the time comes due to lack of trust. It’s so hard to trust people when it comes to running a business. You must protect your brand, ideas and your peace of mind. I have faith in the growth of my brand and I know I’ll need some help soon hopefully it won’t be as tough as I’m thinking.


CB: You have great taste in styling. Would you refer to yourself as a stylist or someone with great fashion sense?


Someone with great fashion sense, if I must choose. I think that a “stylist” is a title that is earned. Those people work extremely hard and it really does take talent.

CB: What’s been the most difficult starting your business and what did you do to overcome it?


Building clientele is always difficult no matter the profession. It takes time for people to warm up to you and your products, you know? I’m trying to improve business by working on my marketing and networking skills.


CB: Do you feel that you have the support from friends and family that you need?


Yes, as needed.


CB: How did you come up with the name Deep Routage? It’s cute. I like it.


I bought a painted from my coworker at the time named Dawn. It was a beautiful painting of a flower headed woman silhouette with daring red lips. I wanted this to be my logo so I had to come up with a name that matched. Deep

Routage was original “Deeply Rooted,” because of the flowers/roots growing from her head. Unfortunately, it was already taken so my boyfriend and I tried to find ways to shorten the words and he gave me the idea of changing “root” to “route.” Long story short I went through the process of elimination and Deep Routage stuck.


CB: When was the last time you felt discouraged about DR and why?


When I added clothing to my line! Not everyone understands or appreciate all types of fashion. So, because I tried to step outside the box with my brand I was scared people wouldn’t buy it.


CB: Are you genuinely happy?


Yes! Running a business is hard and draining but I wouldn’t trade this for anything. I love seeing people happy and I love the feedback. I’ve met so many great people and been invited to really dope events all because of my brand.

CB: Where can people follow you on social media?


IG: @DeepRoutage | @Nesie.b

Twitter: @DeepRoutage | @NesieForShort

Website: Deeproutage.com


CB: Well, that concludes our interview, is there anything else you will like to say?

Thank you for this opportunity! I just want to encourage people to chase their dreams. If I can do it, you can do it. Being an entrepreneur isn’t always easy or fun but it’s worth it. Also, be patient. Set goals and create a timeline. There were so many times that I had to start over or that I lost out on money because I was trying to rush the process. There isn’t “one” way to be an entrepreneur and it does come with a lot of trial & error so pace yourself where you can.


That’s all, SHOP DEEP ROUTAGE at DeepRoutage.com!


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