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5 Basic Tips for First Time Pageant Girls

5 Basic Tips for First Time Pageant Girls

Entering a beauty pageant is one of the best things a woman could do for herself. It represents the elegant qualities that a queen most portray. Pageant day is the most nerve-racking yet, the most exciting day ever. My love for pageantry runs deep. After competing in my first pageant at 22, I knew I was hooked. I met beautiful and kind girls, network with business moguls, speaking engagements and was asked to judge a toddler pageant. It was a memorable experience that I will cherish forever. They’re some things that I wish I would have done differently and things I need to improve. Check out these tips that will help prepare you for pageant day.



1. Be Friendly To the Other Girls



If you’re an introvert or consider yourself shy it’s time to break that cycle now. Getting along with the other girls is just the beginning of winning the competition. You guys will spend enough time together that you will grow to love one another. The most favorable girl most likely take home the crown of Miss Congeniality. Miss Congeniality is usually determined by the votes of the other contestants, as being that girl/woman whom they regard as the most pleasant or kind presence among the competitors.

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2. Get Sponsorship’s



It’s time to put your pride to the side. It’s fine to ask others for help. If you don’t feel comfortable asking strangers, I suggest asking family and friends. Always inform them ahead of time, never wait last minute. It will give them time to prepare and access you to your needs. When you first accept to compete in the competition of your choice, start a GoFundMe right away. Be specific in your description box of what exact expenses you need cover. Utilize social media to your advantage. Reach out to as many donors and partnerships as possible. Large corporate companies are always willing to help to out to young ladies in need. Don’t forget to send a thank you letter and that you’re grateful for the donation big or small.



Here is a glimpse of a sponsorship letter:

Participating in this pageant requires a sponsorship fee of $500, along with travel, wardrobe and dining expenses. Contestants have been encouraged to request donations from family, friends, community businesses and leaders to assist in meeting this financial obligation. As a sponsor, you will play an integral part in helping this young woman reach her goals. The sponsorship fee pays for, and is not limited to the following: 

1. Her expenses during pageant weekend including lodging, food and

 2. Scholarship awards, trophies and crowning regalia. 

3. Production of beautiful stage presentation including professional equipment, emcees, set, staff and venue.




3. Rocking the Interview



The interview determines who won the crown before the actual pageant. It is the most nerve-racking component of the pageant. When you walk in the judge’s room have a genuine smile, walk with your back straight up and make direct eye contact. Shake their hands if possible. Please be educated on current events. Download the news app and watch the international and local news. They are going to ask questions to see if your beauty matches your critical thinking. Take time to think about your answer. Think before you speak. It’s fine to ask them to repeat the question, not more than once though. NEVER IGNORE THE QUESTION. Your answer will determine if you’re more than just a pretty face. Saying less is always better, if you start rambling your words, then you lost them. The most important advice is to be comfortable and remain true to yourself. Show them you’re the queen deserving of the crown.



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4. The Perfect Dress



Your gown is most important. The evening gown should represent well. An evening gown represents class, poise, grace and the queen that you are. Wear something that will compliment your skin and figure. Nothing too tight or revealing, if the judges are giving each other the side eye then you know why. Your evening gown should touch the floor. Anything above your ankles is unacceptable. The judge’s table sits below the stage, so high splits are distasteful. Undergarments should not be shown through the dress, a high beam light will shine on you directly, so not the time for mishaps. Chose your dress wisely. If it’s your first pageant don’t over do it and buy a $1000 gown. Purchasing a used gown is fine, as long as you let the gown do the talking.




5. Enjoy Yourself, Don’t Stress



Yes pageants are fun, but they can be stressful. I must admit pageant weekended was overwhelming. Waking up early for interviews, the opening number practice, service activities and planning are tiresome, but are apart of the process. Have the best memorable experience of your life. Every woman does not have the gift to walk a stage in front of a large crowd and be judge by many eyes.  Take a lot of pictures with your pageant sisters and make memories.



“Crowns aren’t made of rhinestones. They are made of discipline, determination and a hard to find alloy called courage”


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