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The fashion, entertainment, and beauty industries are complex! There is always some new story to keep up with and some new figure to track down. It can be a lot to handle unless you know what you are doing. Fortunately, Chelse and her whole team at Chatting with Chelse know precisely what they are doing. Founded in 2016, Chatting With Chelse is a brand that involves its supporters in the system of content and aims to inform, educate and celebrate the millennial woman. From entertainment, news, beauty, fashion, and lifestyle the CWC brand creates content that not only entertains but keeps media mavens coming back for more! We cover the hottest red carpets, fashion shows, press conferences, movie premieres, concerts and more.



A true, seasoned professional, Chelse has a knack for connecting with her audience and making them feel like they are right at the events and shows that she is covering. Her style is laid-back and casual, but the information that she delivers is exhaustive, her knowledge of the industries formidable. She is a driven entrepreneur, and in addition to interviewing celebrities, musical artists, and other media figures, she blogs about her opinions regarding the current state of fashion, entertainment, and beauty and gives people her insight into what is going to be big next.



Interviews. Lifestyle. Chat.


  • 3 words that sum up what we offer here at Chatting With Chelse. 1) We offer interviews with lots of great people. 2) we offer chat, conversations and in-depth insight into a lifestyle. 3) We offer to chat. Sometimes listening to other people chat can be the most relaxing and engaging form of entertainment available!


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